The only symptom of such minor chipping may be sharp or rough tooth edges irritating the cheek and tongue. Pregnancy, lactation and bone mineral density. J Oral Maxillofac Pathol. Podobne do "Szczęk" , z tą różnicą , że kiedy kolesie w łódce polują na Szczęki , rozglądają się i znajdują jeszcze większe Szczęki , więc muszą współpracować ze Szczękami , aby dopaść większe Szczęki. Nie znaleziono wyników dla tego znaczenia.

The tooth may be displaced and loose, and the gums may bleed.


The most serious injuries involve vertical, diagonal, orhorizontal fractures of the tooth roots. In such situations, fracture of the tooth root leaves the injured tooth very loose, therefore tooth extraction must be completed. A minor tooth fracture involves chipping of the enamel only.

Post-traumatic deformity of mandibular condyle: descriptive review and proposal of treatment algorithm. Journal of Stomatology.

The tooth is not displaced, and there is no bleeding from the gums. The only symptom of such minor chipping may be sharp or rough tooth edges irritating the cheek and tongue.

The injured tooth itself may not even be painful or sensitive to food or temperature. MacLennan WD. Fractures of the mandibular condylar process.

In the Jaws of the Leviathan: Genocide Fiction and Film

Br J Oral Surg. Surgery of the mandibular joint.


Ann R Coll Surg Engl. Maxillofacial injuries: their nature and mechanisms of production.

Pay attention to words in the bold print Trauma to the face or teeth can be caused by auto accidents, falls, and injury from sports. Patients suffering significant head, neck, or facial trauma should be evaluated and treated in hospital emergency rooms. Such trauma may involve bleeding from the nose or ears, concussion, dizziness, lapse of memory, severe headache and earache, or breaking of the skull or jaws. Dental injury withoutassociated head and neck trauma can be evaluated and treated in a dental office.

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Material: the protector is made of non-allergenic and non-toxic plastic.


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Post-traumatic deformity is a common cause, second to ankylosis. These deformities result due to lack of treatment or inadequate management of condylar fracture.

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  2. The tumor may histologically resemble any giant cell tumor of the jaws; hence, diagnostic errors or a delayed diagnosis of PHPT, when the lesion is the first clinical manifestation of this disease.
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  4. Post-traumatic disorders of the jaw joint.
  5. We're negotiating, "jaw-jaw not war-war".

It affects both form and function of lower jaw, compromising facial appearance and occlusion. Many options have been proposed for its treatment, ranging from conservative management to surgical intervention.


Conservative management options described in literature include physiotherapy, forceful jaw opening, occlusal grinding, tooth extraction, prosthetic rehabilitation, and orthodontic correction.